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Training The City Dog was written to provide urban dog owners with tips about handling situations they face with their dogs on a daily basis. It discusses high-rise housebreaking; helping older dogs adjust to city life; how to deal with elevators, fire alarms, and fireworks; how to navigate city streets, farmer's markets, festivals, and street fairs; how to keep our dogs safe and healthy in the city, and many other situations. Copyright 2009 Katherine Kane

Since the book came out, we have heard from many people that the tips in this book are not limited to city dog owners, but apply to dog owners everywhere.

The paperback edition is available on Amazon. It is also available on Amazon for your Kindle, on Barns&Noble for your Nook, and in the iBookstore for your iPad. A pocket edition, The City Dog: Dog Training Tips For City Living, is available for your iPhone.

Katherine gives us a tiny peek into her life in Africa with Four African Vignettes. These four short pieces appear in the travel anthology Forever Travels edited by Shelagh Watkins.

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